*** Christian Terrorist? ***

While two terrible attacks shook Norway, a suspect was identified and arrested.

And because this man had put “Christian” as a religion on his Facebook profile, some journalists rushed to an unjust and dangerous mixture! Here’s what we heard: “A terrorist attack committed by a conservative Christian …” “A fundamentalist Christian sets off a bomb and shoots people …”

As Christians, we sympathize with the suffering of the Norwegians. We, like everyone, are shocked by this tragedy. We are praying for the bereaved families and this afflicted country. Christians are absolutely opposed to all violence. According to the teachings of Jesus, they believe they should love their enemies and bless those who persecute or mistreat them. Being a Christian and a terrorist is totally incompatible.

Eric Celerier

P.S.: And what do you think? Do you have a message for the Norwegians?