*** Could TopChretien Promote Marriage for Single Christians? ***

By asking this question, I know that I am going to stir up some very different reactions. However, my goal is not to create a controversy, and even less, disputes among us, but to approach this question with understanding. I think that certain singles really suffer, and I not only want to sympathize, but to help the best I can.

Neither do I have in mind a project to create a “Christian meeting.” Lots of websites for meetings between Christians already exist, but I don’t know if they function well or if they are effective. In fact, I am truly concerned, even burdened for Christian singles. I have the privilege to be married to a marvelous wife, and I have three terrific children. I would like many others to have the privilege of establishing a home and a family with the values of the Gospel.

I am sad to see Christians who get old without marrying and who cry over it. Some are really fantastic, and I tell myself what they lack is perhaps just getting out of their environment, sometimes a little closed, and having the possibility of being connected to other Christian singles. Now, who says connecting with others can mean the Internet!

I know that we can answer in a very spiritual way that this is God’s affair, and that they only have to pray and God will bless them and allow them to meet their soul mates. This is not wrong, but it doesn’t always happen like that! I believe God always has his role, but there is our role as well. We can also answer in a very dishonest way that Internet is horrible, and that we shouldn’t use the world’s methods. I believe that Internet is like a Swiss knife: one can use it for good or for evil; everything depends upon the objective we are pursuing. Besides, I would like to have the testimonies of Christians who are married today and who met on the Internet. This would help us in our understanding.

So then, what can we do? How can we help singles through Top Chretien? Do you have any ideas? What would you recommend to a single who is waiting in church and would like to be married? Thank you for your participation. Together, let’s make things happen!