*** Should we discontinue TopInfo? ***

As you must know, the web portal TopChrétien offers various services such as TopMessages, its well-known Thought for the Day, TopFamily, TopTv, TopBible, etc. The main purpose of each one of these sections is to encourage Christians in their relationship with God.

TopInfo is one of the sections that attracts the most visitors. Its objective is to inform. Up to now, we have gathered information and then proposed the news that seems pertinent and interesting to the visitors of our portal. Every day thousands of people go to TopInfo and many comment on the different articles.

However, in the history of TopChrétien, I noticed that our problems often come from this section. For example, certain subjects (homosexuality, abortion, Islam, ecumenism, politics, …) regularly create controversy. In addition, we sometimes get complaints from disgruntled visitors. Some Christians do not understand why we have released this or that information and form a negative opinion of TopChétien through the narrow lens of one single article.

Moreover, following the dissemination of information from a Jewish Agency considered defamatory, we lost a lawsuit against an Islamic association, and we were forced to pay 15,000 € in damages and interest. It is the only lawsuit that we have suffered in the space of ten years, but logically, it has caused some changes in how we work.

Finally, after years of loyal service, Didier Biava, – who insured the information gathering – preferred to discontinue this service to focus on our evangelism website, ConnaitreDieu.com (KnowingGod.net). A big thank you to Didier for all those years of dedicated service to Internet users.

You probably now understand better the title of this blog! Should we discontinue TopInfo?

Personally, I see three options:

1 / Discontinue TopInfo, despite the large number of visitors, considering that this service no longer has its place in TopChrétien.

2 / Limit TopInfo to a feed aggregate (like Google News). TopInfo would automatically retransmit information from other Christian news sites.

3 / Transform TopInfo, so that the service is more consistent with the overall vision of TopChrétien: evangelism, encouragement, interaction and communication.

What do you think? The TopChrétien Team and I would love to hear your opinions and ideas. Tell us which option you prefer and why.

Together for changed lives,

Your friend, Eric

*** Music Maestro! ***

A few months ago we sent out a survey entitled “Together, Let’s improve the Top!” More than 20,000 Internet users responded. We spent time sorting out the responses, the requests, and the very numerous encouraging messages. Have you already tried to read 14,000 encouraging messages? I have, and I am so pleased that Top Chretien is such a blessing. Thank you, my God, for causing this tool to be developed! Of course, there were also the inevitable criticisms, but for the most part, they were constructive.

This feedback, negative or positive, is essential for us. Besides, that’s why the Top Blog exists! It enables us to improve, and to be in contact with you, the Internet users whom we serve. If you would like to study the survey results more closely, click here. You’ll see, they are very interesting.

One of the greatest requests was that we add a section dedicated to music and worship. It’s true. This is missing on the Top Chretien portal. Stephan, the Top Chretien portal manager, and several Top team members went to work on it. So, you should soon see the arrival of Top Music.

Nevertheless, we still need your opinion to make sure that we have truly understood your request. So, what would you like to find in a section dedicated to Christian music? Your opinion is indispensable. Don’t miss the opportunity to give it.

*** MyChurch.net, should it continue? ***

The project MonEglise.net was created so that Internet users who do not know what a local church is could get a taste of fellowship with others and of a relationship with God. That they could say to themselves: if this is the church, then I want my local church.

After its first month online (December 2009), we can make our first assessment.


-29,000 individual visitors on the website or nearly 1,000 a day. (They are from 146 countries; half of them are from France).

-14,000 came to at least one of the 180 online services held.

- At practically each service, people answered a call to respond: that is, more than 500 people who accepted Jesus as Savior in one month of broadcasting.

-3,000 Internet users visited the page “Find a Local Church”.

-Many exchanges occurred between the Internet users and with the counselors online.

Financial Report:

-Expenses, 125,000 Euros have been invested in this project. The biggest part was for the video production needed for six months of programming. The remainder comes from the site conception, the broadcasting, and the promotion. Please notes that the studios were loaned to us free of charge by a missionary organization; if not, this cost would have been much more.

-Sources of funding, 25,000 Euros were given by Top Chretien Internet users before the project was launched. Thank you, Top Internet users! 30,000 Euros were given by a foundation. TopMission, our organization, covered the remainder. This was a big step of faith for us.

And now?

We launched this project because we were convinced that we had to do it. Why? Because we had remarked that there was a huge missing link between ConnaitreDieu.com and the local churches: only 1% of the visitors of the website ConnaitreDieu.com join a local church. This means that 99% remain outside of the church in spite of the fact that these people are truly interested in God… This is why we had to offer them a way to continue their spiritual journey. And the project MonEglise.net was created to fill this gap.

I am really happy to see people blessed, encouraged, saved. I bless God for this. I also think that our team has done a remarkable job. Thank you, TopChretien team!

However, I wonder if it is reasonable to continue to invest so much money, time, and human resources (20 people are needed in the studio) for such results? In addition, how can such a project be financed beyond its initial phase?

I was expecting a greater impact and also greater financial support.

I ask myself the question, and I ask you the question, too. Should we continue this project beyond the first six months? What do you think?