*** Let’s Share God’s Love! ***

MonEglise.net has just blown out its first candle: one year old already!

It’s time to take stock.

MonEglise.net in figures:

- 400,000 visits from 198 countries. France, Canada, Belgium, Ivory Coast, Switzerland, and Morocco, visited MonEglise.net the most.

- 50,000 people came directly  to MonEglise.net from the website ConnaitreDieu.com. (In English KnowingGod.net) That’s more than 100 people on a spiritual quest every day!

As a reminder, this is the first reason why MonEglise.net was developed – to bring the church to Internet users so that they say:  “If that’s the church, I want my church!”

But beyond numbers, which are always encouraging, what is important is that lives are changed. For example, this Internet user wrote to us recently: Thanks to “your website” I am born again. My joy is great, God bless you. God is great. He cured me of my depression. It has been one month that I no longer take antidepressants even though I took them for more than 10 years. God works miracles!

Wonderful, isn’t it? I invite you to watch this video clip for ConnaitreDieu.com! All excerpts are from recordings made for MonEglise.net.

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So Happy Birthday to MonEglise.net and may God bless all those involved in this great project: the pastors, artists, technicians, partners, donors and the Top Chrétien team.

Let’s continue to share God’s love through MonEglise.net.  It’s worth it!

What do you think? I would welcome your feedback and comments on the subject.


*** Together for Changed Lives! ***

Just ten days ago, I asked you to pray for the Jesus.net Conference!

Your prayers were answered because God blessed us so much. He really did way beyond all that we could have imagined.

This conference brought together 75 people (coordinators of evangelism websites) from 21 countries. For four days we shared the progress we have been able to make in the different countries and we glorified God together!

We also took advantage of this special time together to invite Marie-France. Perhaps you remember her? Marie-France gave her heart to Jesus by connecting to the website ConnaitreDieu.com and we filmed her testimony during the fund-raising campaign for the purchase of the Top Chrétien offices.

Since her conversion, God has used her so that five new people experience faith in Jesus!  She is actually in her second year at the Cijem Force school. Isn’t that wonderful?

When Marie-France came to the conference, she spoke simply about what God had done in her life and we were very moved … Many of us cried as she finished sharing with the words: “I am a miracle!” What a blessing it was to hear live and in person the testimony of one of the people who has accepted Jesus as Savior on the Internet. We are so very thankful to God!

There are millions of “Marie-France” whom we would like to see come to Jesus in the coming years. Imagine God’s joy and the angels’ rejoicing in heaven!

I am sure that they are smiling as they watch this video that I counted on sharing with you!

Together for changed lives,


This video was embedded using the YouTuber plugin by Roy Tanck. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video.

*** God is going to visit Turkey ***

Ephesus, Colosse, Philadelphia, Laodicea, Antioch… do these names mean anything to you? If you read Paul’s epistles in the New Testament, you are familiar with these names. But did you know that these cities are geographically situated in what is Turkey today? One of the cradles of Christianity has hardly any Christians today! In Turkey, Christians represent less than 1 in 1000. Of the 72 million inhabitants, 99% are Muslims and only 4,000 are protestant Christians!

Sunday, April 18th, was a day of prayer for Turkey. On this date, only three years ago, three of our brothers were assassinated in Turkey because of their faith and their commitment to the cause of the Gospel.

The blood of the martyrs is also a seed of life. When we launched the KnowingGod website in Turkish, the number of Christians was estimated at 3000. That was in November 2008. Every day the Turkish Internet users’ thirst to know Jesus astonishes me. In 18 months, the website has received more than 1.5 million visitors from Turkey. Of this number, more than 100,000 have indicated a desire to go further in their spiritual walk with Jesus. Our on-site partner has followed up on more than 13,000 people.  For many Turks, the Internet is the only means of knowing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Of course, we have met with a lot of opposition, and Turkish hackers are having the time of their lives trying to “sink” Allahitanimak.Jesus.net. Fortunately, Megaphone is very effective in managing our servers.

I believe that God is going to visit Turkey again, and that the church is going to be reborn from its ashes in Turkey. I believe that the Internet is going to contribute greatly. Besides, we have just launched a new website to follow-up on all those who have visited the KnowingGod website in Turkish.

This site in English, called Why Jesus?, is a four-week course. In certain countries, it has been unbelievably effective with up to 80% of the participants joining a local church or an Alpha Course.

Would you take a moment and pray for Turkey? Watch this video. I am sure that it will motivate you to pray for the people of this great country.

[dailymotion id=xd1e2b]

Leave a comment, a prayer, or an encouraging word on this blog for our brothers and sisters in Turkey. We will send these to them.

With you in the harvest,