*** Parlez-vous anglais? ***

No, this is not a language test. It’s an opportunity for me to announce with great joy the launch of a new family website designed by Top Chrétien/Jesus.net in partnership with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).

The name of this website is PeaceWithGod.net.

It’s actually an adapted KnowingGod.net website. It is designed around John 3:16 and every section of the website is part of this verse. Section one is “God so loved the world”, telling of God’s love through a new version of the Father’s love letter with the voices of Billy and Franklin Graham. This is a must see video. I like it a lot. Watch it here, in world preview below! I’m already thinking of the millions of people who will be reached by this video. Wow this is great! Good job Duane Gaylord and all the BGEA team! Of course, all the glory to God because all this exists for Him!

These are the following sections: “that he gave his only son” (a nice animation on the cross), “so that whoever believes in him” (some great testimonies of changed lives), “not perish” (an excellent message by Billy Graham on the importance of being saved), “but have eternal life” (a beautiful call to salvation and the decision by Franklin Graham).

The website has been launched after months of intense work and lots of traveling. I could not wait to see it online so that people searching for God can find Him!

Remember us in your prayers. May the Lord inspire us, make us inspiring and renew our strength! We really need him! Leave me a word of encouragement or prayer if you wish. We would really appreciate it.

God bless America and God bless you, my friends!

Together for changed lives,


PS: You can also read two of my blogs on the subject and have more information: “Sur la Route” and “Billy Graham’s Son“.

This video was made ​​especially for the website PeaceWithGod. Do you like it?

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