*** V.I.P. Red Carpet! … ***

The TOP Team

We always enjoy receiving visitors at Top Chrétien. And believe me, the Top Internet users are not virtual. They are as real as you and as me! Recently, we received Elizabeth Dugas, a volunteer for the Top. Here’s what she wrote after her visit:

This week I had the honor and the joy of visiting the famous “Top Offices”.

Like many of you, I watched the visit of the offices on video and followed with great interest the various stages of the purchase. All this on the Net.

But in reality … it’s even better than what I saw!

Carolle immediately came to meet me and, after going up the stairs, just at the bottom of the screen showing prayers of commitment on KnowingGod.net in real time and places, I was greeted by a scrolling message welcoming me personally. Long live technology!

Watching the video footage filmed during the purchase of the Top Offices, one could have thought that the team members had purposely made themselves available for the filming. However, in reality they all dropped their work to meet me. I am still very touched. It’s very moving to hear and see in person the brothers and sisters whose names I have read for years.

I visited all the former and existing offices and then, the other premises. The one thing in common: lack of space. I have no details, but working at 3, 4, 5, 7 (or more) in the same workspace without getting irritated is really a challenge. Each one having less than one square meter makes for very close quarters! The meeting room and kitchen/dining room: we cannot even mention. One can only go in and out on a rotating basis. Note: When entering to eat, you must be very careful or very humble, or both, because you cannot go in without bending over completely!

So then, the new office space? That means the rest of the house. Well, it brings the much needed additional space, especially a large, beautiful meeting room with a magnificent stone fireplace and picture windows overlooking the garden. The garden is very beautiful and very well equipped: normal because the former (!) owner is a florist. Palms, shrubs, flowers: a treat, especially on sunny days. Another plus: new offices could be built in the garden space to enlarge again because I suspect that the space may run out again someday.

The Top Offices: A nice house in a beautiful hidden garden in the middle of a very plain industrial area. It boggles the mind and, in fact, it is a dream come true, a true gift from God, who answered not only the needs but also gave beauty. God loves to give great, beautiful gifts to his servants.

Conclusion: I am very happy with my visit, very touched by God’s servants in this place to proclaim the kingdom of God on earth, and also, very proud that it is happening at home, in France. Once will not make it a habit although …

Just as for the reception at TOPC: “Be careful, you could get used to it!”

Thank you, for who you are and what you do, and thank you to the Lord, who has created this beautiful work!

Elizabeth, thank you for your kind words. With you and with each Internet user, we bless the Lord for the beautiful Top Chrétien team and for this workspace that God has put at our disposal so that his work could be extended. Glory to God!

Together for changed lives,

Your friend Eric

*** The Top Offices are Ours! ***

This Monday, December 27, 2010, our dream became reality, all glory be to God!

The Top Chrétien offices have been purchased and we are now the owners. Isn’t this a beautiful Christmas present for each one of us?

What joy for the team to enter this space for which we have prayed for many years! Just after the signing, we gathered together to thank the Lord!

We can now expand our workspace and receive new teammates.  As a matter of fact, in just a few days a new webmaster will join us and we look forward to better serve you. We plan to produce a new Top Chrétien version that will be more mobile and more ergonomic.

Campaign donations for the purchase of the offices have amounted to half of the total. The other half has been financed by a bank. We will now begin the remodeling work, and we are looking for ways to finance it. If you have it at heart to help us, why not make a designated donation? Already dozens of Christians have pledged to support Top Chretien monthly to help repay the loan. Would you like to join in? (See below)

Once again, thank you for your interest in the work of Top Chrétien. This project has shown us that together we can accomplish great things and significantly advance God’s work in the French-speaking world.

Together for changed lives,

Your friend Eric

To donate, please contact:
David Broussard
Phone: 678-205-6859
FAX: 866-516-9404

Mailing Address:
Christian Community Foundation of France
829 Stansbury Drive
Marietta, GA 30066

The Christian Community Foundation of France is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) organization, EIN #20-3098434.

*** A Turning Point for Top Chrétien ***

Top Chrétien has experienced important events like, for example, launching the Thought for the Day, Top TV, KnowingGod.net, MonEglise.net or even this blog through which I am in direct contact with you :-)

And we are actively preparing a small revolution for the beginning of the school year with the launching of Top Music. Also in preparation is version 2 of MonEglise.net which should become accessible on French TV via FreeBox. Isn’t that great?

Today, the challenge before us isn’t programming a new section, but it’s buying our offices. To sum it up, we rent space too small for our team in a large house, and we have the opportunity to buy the entire house and, as the Bible says, extend the borders of our tent.

The Monday after Pentecost Sunday, several Top Chrétien leaders and my friend from Quebec, Pastor Paul Goulet, were praying in my office. During this time of prayer, God clearly indicated to us that we should buy our offices. However, at that time, they were not for sale. The following week, we got a phone call from the owner announcing that he was going to sell them while up to that time he had preferred that we leave! What an incredible turnaround!

So, since that morning, I have been praying for this situation and asking God: What do we do? One morning, my daily Bible reading brought me to 1 Kings 7 when God tells Elijah to go to a widow’s house to be given something to eat. He tells him, “I have ordered a widow to give you something to eat.” However, when Elijah asks the widow for something to eat, she is surprised because she didn’t know about it…In fact, God had already ordered it in the heavenly realms, but it still had to happen on the earth. To feed Elijah, God was going to use a simple widow for whom virtually nothing remained to eat and who was just waiting for her son and herself to die. However, God had another plan for this woman, and through her generosity, he was going to bless her and her son! God will even make her a promise. ‘For this is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says, “The jar of flour will not be used up and the jug of oil will not run dry until the day the Lord gives rain on the land.”‘ And later on, God even raises her son from the dead through the prophet that she had fed! What blessings flowed from her obedience!

This is how God showed me that he had ordered the purchase of our offices, and that he had even chosen Internet users to give for this purchase, even if they didn’t know about it yet! Maybe you are like this woman, surprised by this request, but if God wants to use you, he has even planned to bless you through your generosity, and to accomplish his word through you. I believe it with all my heart!

So, we are launching an information campaign for this project. For many years, we have chosen to be discreet in our requests for donations. Besides, 2 out of 3 Top Chrétien Internet users think that we do not make our financial needs known often enough (survey taken by 22,000 Internet users). We know how much money is a touchy subject in our French-speaking countries, and we do not want to hurt people’s sensitivity! However, it is also important that we make our needs known when we have them. And right now we have a very concrete and urgent need. For thirty days, Top Chrétien is going to very actively make this need known through the campaign: Together, Let’s Buy the Top Chrétien Offices! Of course, we are counting on God and our faith is in him. Nevertheless, we also believe that God wants to use each one of us to meet this need.

You can be part of the on-line campaign. Just click on this link

Together, Let’s Buy the Top Chrétien Offices

Thanks in advance for your prayers, your encouragement, your thoughts, and your generosity.

*** Haiti: Let's Help the Churches! ***

Many Haitian brothers and sisters are encouraged by the actions of Christians.

Here is what Elodie, a young Haitian student, 22 years old, wrote to us in the Top Blog:

“I thank God because I am still alive! Thank you, Lord! My parents are well. That day, January 12, 2010, I was not in class because my professor was absent. If I had been in class that day, it is possible that I would no longer be here since my school was destroyed and the dean died. I don’t have news from all of my friends, but I hope they and their families are well. It warms my heart to see so many prayers for Haiti. We need them for people are still under the debris. Everywhere many are dead and one feels so powerless. Let’s pray that there are no epidemics; this is what everyone is saying since already the odor of the dead in the streets is more and more terrible. We do not sleep in our homes. Everyone sleeps in the streets because we are afraid of a new tremor. Many people and children are traumatized especially due to the loss of parents and close friends. It is terrible. I am 22 years old and I would never have believed that one day I would experience something like this. May God bless you, my friends, and know that at any moment we can die. Always be ready and tell your families how much you love them.”


Thank you to all those who acted: by prayer, gifts, encouraging words, and even serving right in Haiti. I invite you to read this excellent article in TopHumanitarian that reports on news of the efforts of some Christians.

A statement by Wess Stafford, Director of Compassion International, particularly caught my attention in this article: “Local churches: they are an incredible force. I can assure you that local churches are truly committed in the rescue efforts. Who knows his neighbor’s needs better that the one who lives next to him? And who will remain there when the media no longer talk about Haiti?”

Who will remain? The local churches. Therefore, let’s help them.

This is the call that our friend, Pastor Claude Houde, wanted to send out from Quebec:

“You see, for me, Haiti is my adopted country, my family, where we work for God and his people whom we love so much and who, today, try to rise up again and survive, in mourning, in famine, in chaos, and in violence. We are on the telephone with them every day until late at night. The churches that we have helped build for 15 years, where thousands were meeting, are destroyed, as well as the Theological Institute for the French-speaking world, where dozens of students were in training for the ministry. We have lost students, collaborators, friends, and many members of our churches must now take care of the orphans.

A friend and collaborator for 20 years now presides over five services on Sunday in a park; his church has cracks and is dangerous. He organizes and directs funerals every day, but he knows that he is not alone and that the Body of Christ is going to help him to nourish, care for, and rebuild his family, his people, his church, and his country.

Your gifts save lives, give back courage to our brothers and sisters of Haiti, lift up the people of God and a nation, one person at a time. Thank you to continue praying and giving for Haiti.”

Let’s not slack up on our actions. Let’s help our Haitian brothers and sisters. After our emergency help, let’s support as best as possible the churches in Haiti. If it is your desire, send in your gifts to TopChretien and we will send them in their entirety. In the name of our brothers and sisters in Haiti, heartfelt thanks to you.


See Pastor Claude Houde’s message on TopTv: How can the earthquake become transformation?