*** Parlez-vous anglais? ***

No, this is not a language test. It’s an opportunity for me to announce with great joy the launch of a new family website designed by Top Chrétien/Jesus.net in partnership with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).

The name of this website is PeaceWithGod.net.

It’s actually an adapted KnowingGod.net website. It is designed around John 3:16 and every section of the website is part of this verse. Section one is “God so loved the world”, telling of God’s love through a new version of the Father’s love letter with the voices of Billy and Franklin Graham. This is a must see video. I like it a lot. Watch it here, in world preview below! I’m already thinking of the millions of people who will be reached by this video. Wow this is great! Good job Duane Gaylord and all the BGEA team! Of course, all the glory to God because all this exists for Him!

These are the following sections: “that he gave his only son” (a nice animation on the cross), “so that whoever believes in him” (some great testimonies of changed lives), “not perish” (an excellent message by Billy Graham on the importance of being saved), “but have eternal life” (a beautiful call to salvation and the decision by Franklin Graham).

The website has been launched after months of intense work and lots of traveling. I could not wait to see it online so that people searching for God can find Him!

Remember us in your prayers. May the Lord inspire us, make us inspiring and renew our strength! We really need him! Leave me a word of encouragement or prayer if you wish. We would really appreciate it.

God bless America and God bless you, my friends!

Together for changed lives,


PS: You can also read two of my blogs on the subject and have more information: “Sur la Route” and “Billy Graham’s Son“.

This video was made ​​especially for the website PeaceWithGod. Do you like it?

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*** Hope for the Arab World! ***

Not long ago I went to my local church, called Philadelphia. As I was going in, a lady called me: “Hello, my name is Shérazade. I am Algerian. Are you Eric Celerier?” “Yes,” I replied. She said, “It’s amazing. I come to this church for the first time and when entering I prayed to the Lord saying: ‘Lord, I found the address of this church on the Internet. I do not know if it’s a good church. Allow me to meet someone I know.’ And now you’re the first person I meet when coming in. I follow you every day on MonEglise.net. I became a Christian on Top Chrétien in my country, Algeria. Jesus is my Savior, but my boyfriend persecuted me. I fled to France. I arrive in this church and I meet you first. God is so good!”

I must admit that this is one of those encounters that illuminate your service and encourage you to continue your efforts regardless of the difficulties. Thank you, Lord, for this divine connection and for all the Shérazades who seek you in countries where there is little or no religious freedom.

And I’m sure this will not have escaped your attention. Things are happening in the Arab world! An unprecedented thirst for freedom has touched several key Arab countries (see Said Oujibou’s article about it).

We know the one who gives true freedom. Jesus said to those who boasted of being the descendants of Abraham: “So if the son sets you free, you shall be free indeed. ” John 8.36

With the goal of both making Jesus, the Son of God known to Arabs, and of encouraging all those of Muslim origin who now know Jesus as their Savior, a new program will be offered to you on MonEglise.net. The name of this new program is MaCasbah.net * It is designed by Agape Mosaic, directed and produced by Agape 4 Media, and animated by Said and Fatima Oujibou, a couple whose passion for sharing the good news to Arabs is well known.

Every Friday, MonEglise.net will be transformed into MaCasbah. We want this place to be a citadel, a fortress, a friendly place for those who need to be strengthened in their faith, especially if they are Arabs. Spread the word to your friends … Make it buzz. Yes, share the hope for the Arab world! On Friday on MonEglise.net/macasbah


A live casbah every Friday night in the heart of Paris sparked the idea to benefit Internet users. We, therefore, decided to establish a new program in the continuity of MonEglise.net: Macasbah.net designed by Agape Mosaic, directed and produced by Agape Media 4. Since quality involves work, not only two hosts are behind the project, but 40 professionals including the Cedars Studio, S2sound, and Gramophone.

MaCasbah.net is a broadcast rich in programs: Since there are different ways to share one’s faith, music and dancing are featured. From Oriental to Hip Hop to break dancing by twelve artists: Yamina, Nacera, Deborah, Djam’s, Thibo, Lorenzo, Dj Smooth LS, and the group members of Saccah Crew participate. Eight speakers who went from Islam to Christianity: Said, Azadeh, Yamina, Fabienne, Djam’s, Fatima, Lorenzo, and Yannis were invited for one purpose: to share their faith.

The broadcast will be unveiled next Friday, March 18, 2011. From casbah to casbah through MonEglise.net.

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*** What if We Saw a Movie? ***

Have you ever been tired and done things more by duty than pleasure?

I have! And that’s just what I did a few weeks ago.

I was invited to speak on the theme of communication to the coordinators of the Alpha course (a magnificent project of evangelization around a meal). They had come from all over France. It was snowing hard in the Paris region, and I could have made a good excuse to stay warm and rest. But “I felt” I had to make an effort to go, and I really do not regret the trip!

The person speaking before me began to share his testimony of conversion. He told us very simply how God had directed his path to reveal himself to him. His name is Thierry Bizot. His business, a TV producer in France. The company he founded with Emmanuel Chain (former host of Capital) produces several programs, to mention a few, “Seven to Eight” (TF1) and “Direct Drive” (France 2)!

It was so gratifying to see this man share his spiritual journey with conviction. He recounted his encounter with Jesus like falling in love with someone. He is now passionate about Jesus! He also explained how, in his surroundings, sharing his faith is so new to the people around him. Many of his colleagues began to question him about Jesus, faith, searching for meaning in their lives. Learn more about Thierry Bizot.

So, Thierry and his wife Anne Giafferi thought about making a film of his story and, thus was born the vision for the film “Who wants to be loved?” (see this TopInfo article )

The film opened on Wednesday in a hundred movie theaters in France. I had the opportunity to see it and I really loved it! I enjoyed the story, images, treatment of parent/child relationships, brother/sister, husband/wife and,  of course, with God through the spiritual journey of the protagonist.

It is a human interest film about a man who becomes vulnerable, acknowledging his need for God and his need of others. I like this side of vulnerability that we miss very often, me included. It spoke to me and touched me. And I think it will also affect those who are seeking spiritually or who have questions about faith.

So why not see a movie this weekend? The larger the number of ticket sales this week, the longer the movie will be advertized and the greater the number of people will hear about faith at the movies! (find a theater that is broadcasting the film) If you’re in France do not miss this opportunity! Do as I did, make an effort to go out and see the movie. You will not regret it ;-)

Take this opportunity to invite your friends and family, and share with them about what God is doing in your lives!

Together for changed lives,

Éric Célérier

*** Let’s Evangelize the World! ***

The 2010 Cape Town Congress got off to a great start with more than 4000 representatives from almost 200 nations! It’s called The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization. We are all here to reflect on the evangelization of the entire world. The opening ceremony was very beautiful and moving. South Africans are truly warm and welcoming! Unfortunately, 250 Chinese were missing because the Chinese government considered their participation in this conference as being harmful to state security, which seems incredible! Over 1000 police blocked participants when they were getting on their airplanes, and some are currently in prison! Pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters!

Evangelism is a subject for which I have a passion because I would like for many to know Jesus as I know him: He is my Savior and my friend! I’d like to communicate as much enthusiasm and passion as I can around me during this historic meeting. My goal is to share the importance of using the Internet and new technologies for the proclamation of the Gospel. We have an incredible opportunity! Imagine that Indonesia, which is probably the largest Muslim country in the world, is also the third most represented country on Facebook with 20 million users. Turkey is the 4th. France is in fifth position! We must seize the opportunity that God is giving us to share the Good News.

Pray for me, please! I will not have the opportunity to talk with each of the 4000 participants. So, I am relying on the Lord for divine connections with the right people at the right time. And it started well. I met Blair Carlson, who was the Billy Graham campaign manager in 1986 and so my first boss! It has been 25 years since we saw each other and we still look so young ;-) It’s faith that keeps us young … forever ;-)

Let me tell you about two of those divine connections.

A South Korean came to me thinking I could fix his Internet connection because I was wearing a black T-shirt. The technical crew for the congress (of which I am not a member) is also wearing black T-shirts. As I explained to him his mistake, I asked him what his role was, and he happened to be the representative of a very large church (Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, Korea) with which we had already initiated discussions to create a Knowing God website in Korean. However, we had had no news and were somewhat desperate. Since our meeting, this brother has already written and assured me he would follow up. Glory to God!

I also wanted to meet someone very special and very well-known here in South Africa to speak with him about launching the Jesus.net project here in his country. I had heard about him from my Dutch friend Jan Willem who is here with me. And while hiking on a mountain, we even prayed to meet him. And guess who came to sit at my table this morning … a simple table in the middle of 700 other tables! This man! He came because he knew the person sitting opposite me. When he showed up, I told him: “I prayed to meet you, so thank you for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit!”. Imagine his surprise! He was really ready to listen, praise God!

Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity to connect with your servants in this magnificent conference. Together we will see more lives changed for your glory!

Your friend,