*** Sur la route ! ***

With Franklin Graham ...

Yes, it’s French and for those who do not know the language of Rousseau that means: on the road! I have been traveling a lot recently and I will be “on the road” again soon!

I wanted to keep you informed of my interview with Franklin Graham held last week. You probably remember the blog: Billy Graham’s Son, and perhaps you even prayed for this appointment? If so, thank you very much because this meeting was amazing. God did things beyond my expectations! This meeting was supposed to take 30 minutes, but instead, it lasted for 3 hours. It seems this never happens since Franklin Graham’s schedule is so tight due to his multiple activities (Franklin is also the president of Samaritan’s Purse, a charitable organization that distributes among other gifts, 8 million gift boxes for children at Christmas). At the end of the interview, with tears in his eyes, Franklin listened and shared his own experiences as well!

God's Ambassadors!

The purpose of this meeting with Franklin was to see whether a partnership would be possible between the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) and Top Chrétien to reach even more people on the Internet with the Good News of Jesus Christ. And the first result is that five people (four vice-presidents and a director for the Internet) are coming  to Paris in three days to attend our Jesus.net conference, which will take place next week! Can you pray for this conference?

Jesus.net is the name that includes all our international activities, such as various websites -  ConnaitreDieu.com (16 languages) and also a discipleship website we use in several countries (WhyJesus). At the conference, there will be 75 people (website coordinators) from 21 countries! We will discuss the progress made in different countries and give glory to God together! It’s just wonderful to see what God’s grace has accomplished, and it’s so encouraging to see so many people find Jesus as their Savior through the Internet. To Him be the glory!

With Stéphan and Jean Claude, a French chef we met at BGEA

After the Jesus.net conference, I have to go to South Africa for a conference that focuses on world evangelism. Four thousand representatives from around the world will gather to reflect on the proclamation of the Gospel, share and pray together (see my page on the website Lausanne.org). Some people will represent France. The conference was initiated by Billy Graham in Lausanne in 1974. That’s why it’s called the Lausanne Conference. It occurs very rarely and mobilizes hundreds of thousands of people worldwide (The Lausanne Movement) so that the name of Jesus, the only name given among men by which we can be saved, still be proclaimed forever!

The Top team has provided somewhat outmoded but very humorous communication for this conference to mobilize the troops for evangelism through the Internet. I will tell you all about it in an upcoming blog. Fasten your seat belts, we will soon take off ;-)

Be Blessed!

Your friend,


*** The Top Offices: Purchase Agreement has been signed! ***

I’m sure you have been following the fund-raising campaign for the purchase of the Top offices throughout the summer! Several thousand Christians were mobilized to pray and give so that the dream would become reality. If you are one of them, I want to say a big “Thank you” again on behalf of the entire Top Chrétien team and all the Internet users who benefit from this ministry.

Here’s how things went: the Monday after Pentecost Sunday, during a time of prayer, God put it on our hearts that the time had come for us to own the offices that we rent and expand the space to give the team more room to accomplish its mission: proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ through the Internet.

A few days later, though we hadn’t said anything to him, the owner contacted us and proposed that we acquire full ownership, that is, of our offices and of the other part of the house, which was more than double our workspace. After having had the property evaluated and negotiating the price, we reached an agreement. Then we approached you Top users to gather at least 300,000 Euros for the down payment to the bank. You answered the call with great generosity and encouragement. See this page, it is such a blessing!

Now, by the grace of God, we have met half the total. We believe that God will provide for what is missing. So, with great confidence in God, we signed the purchase agreement on September 16, 2010, as you can see in the video below.

TopMission, the organization, will buy the property. TopMission manages all the activities of the web portal Top Chrétien such as, TopChrétien.com, ConnaitreDieu.com, MonEglise.net, etc.. The President of the association, Nathalie Texier, was mandated by the General Assembly to carry out all the necessary steps. You see her signing the document in the video. TopMission is a recognized general interest organization, empowered to receive donations, give tax receipts, and, of course, buy offices to accomplish its objective.

Here is the agenda set at the signing: The final sale will take place November 30, 2010. Meanwhile, we have 20 days to prove that we have taken steps to seek the remaining funds from banks. Then, we have 40 days to obtain a loan agreement. That’s what the document states. However, we believe that God will provide for the full amount and we will not need a bank loan. This may sound crazy, but crazy and faith are two very similar words in the dictionary! We’re not crazy, but we have faith. How God will do it, I do not know; But, he will do it, that I know!

If we pay cash, we will not have to pay rent every month, and we will be able to invest more in Top Chrétien’s projects. Also, if God has already provided half the amount, why wouldn’t he provide the other half? Why limit God? It’s his work. It’s his kingdom. It’s for the salvation of souls for whom Christ died that we are buying this property! So count on him! He made water gush out of the rock, rained down manna, fed a prophet with crows … he is the same God we serve. As a friend wrote me recently: What God commands, he pays for!

Join your faith with mine and together let’s experience God’s provision. This purchase will not only be an encouragement to Top Chrétien, but for all of us, will also be further proof that our God is alive and that he owns gold and silver!

PS: If God leads you to talk about our need to those around you or to help the Top take this second step, we would be very honored. To donate, please contact:
David Broussard
Phone: 678-205-6859
FAX: 866-516-9404

Mailing Address:
Christian Community Foundation of France
829 Stansbury Drive
Marietta, GA 30066

The Christian Community Foundation of France is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) organization, EIN #20-3098434.

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*** The TOP! It's Each One of Us! ***

Yesterday, someone asked about the campaign for donations to purchase the Top Chrétien offices. I thanked the person. He answered, “You don’t have to thank me because the Top, it’s each one of us!”

He’s right! The Top is like a living building consisting of its members. Pastor Yvan Castanou told me, “Each Internet user must understand that he is a living stone in the building you want to buy.”

Do you feel that you are part of Top Chrétien, of its history and of its future, or are you just a user/consumer of the Top?

As of today, nearly 2000 Internet users have understood that they’re the Top. They have understood that it’s a collective work that we are building together. What an encouragement for our team! How we praise the Lord for their support!

The Top actually counts tens of thousands of daily users. Imagine if each one brought his little stone to the building. We could construct the house pretty quickly! Imagine that each one realizes the opportunity to invest by sowing seed in a ministry of evangelism like the Top! So then millions of people could be reached and discover faith, perhaps even their own families! It’s today that we need you and your step of faith, for tomorrow will be too late.

Mohammed Sanogo has captured it well. Watch this video and you will understand why this former Muslim, now a pastor, thinks that the Top is each one of us.


If you are part of those who haven’t yet sown seed for the purchase of the Top offices, could you take a moment to ask God what you should do?

The Top is you, too!

Eric Célérier

Campaign for DonationsMake a Donation now


P.S. Testimony of an Internet user: ” At our small level we made a gesture that has given us joy. The Top is a blessing for the French-speaking world and for the entire world through KnowingGod.net. … May the abundance of the Lord be poured out over all of you. Gaël

*** Let's Vote! ***

At this period in France, regional elections are taking place. Nevertheless, it is not this type of election that I am going to talk to you about in this blog, but about the opportunities to vote that you can find on Top Chretien.

In our last blog on the Thought for the Day, I remarked that several of you had sent your reservations concerning the voting system on Top Chretien. I have to tell you that I really appreciate reading each one of your comments, allowing me to understand the perception, sometimes different from what one can have of things, as seen from inside the Top Chretien offices and from the side of the users, of whom you are a part.  In a future blog, by the way, I will have to show you the Top Chretien offices…

Top Chretien.com has two voting systems: one for the articles and the other for the comments.

One of you said that he/she didn’t appreciate voting on the articles because it seemed to express a judgment of pastors who write certain articles. Moreover, in considering the star system, permitting a vote on the quality of the article, we realized that, in the end, practically all the articles, excepting those of TopInfo, receive votes that are very close. Most of them, after several days, have an average rating of 4,5 out of 5, whatever the number of votes.

It is true that this voting system is not relevant, and we are going to change it to a system close to Facebook’s, which states “I like this article” and a short sentence like “So and so (your name) liked this article” will be published on your news feed.

Thank you to this Internet user for the comment that is going to help us improve Top Chretien. We will continue to keep a listing of the “most-liked” articles because it is very practical, especially for TopInfo, to find information on the news which seems the most relevant for the Top’s Internet users.

The other voting system, which had a lot more written about it, is  the one that has the little thumb in the air and the little thumb pointing down for the comments. Eighteen months ago, we put this system in place with the new version of Top Chretien, for a very simple reason. Previously, we were moderating all the reactions ourselves. In other words, before a comment appeared on the Top, it was validated by a Top team member. However, with the Top getting bigger, it became an impossible task, given the great number of reactions.

You must realize that every day, hundreds of comments and reactions are left on Top Chretien. At the end of the month, that can add up to 10,000 comments, which is humanly impossible to manage!

So we found this solution: the Top Internet users moderate the reactions, thanks to the little thumbs. In fact, when you vote on someone’s comment, you participate in the moderation of the comment. Thus, if a comment is voted negatively many times (four times), it is automatically removed from Top Chretien’s comments. So, the objective is not to put a grade on the comment, nor to keep you from expressing yourself, but simply to avoid having serious things which sometimes appear  on Top Chretien. Nevertheless, the unfortunate side is that certain comments are sometimes removed even though they add to the debate.

As a result of your reactions on this subject, we have reflected, and I would like to propose to you a new system. In addition, I would like to know what you think about it. We will continue to put beside each comment a little button which allows an indication that one likes the comment or not. And if a comment is disapproved by several Top Internet users, it will be “marked down” instead of being eliminated. That is to say, one could always read it, if one so desires. It will always be there, but it will be marked as having been disapproved by several Top Chretien users.

This will allow for a debate not to be cut off and, at the same time, if something is truly bad, to indicate it. Thus, if a user continually leaves “closed” comments, we would be able very simply to deactivate the possibility for the person to leave comments.

Here is what we found after having read your comments. I would like to know what you think before putting it into place. While waiting, if one of your comments disappears, know that it’s not the Top team that has eliminated it, but that it is the users. Therefore, moderate your words! ;-)

Thanks for your attention, for reading, and for your comments on this subject.