*** Let’s Help Haiti ***

On the Web, Internet users are mobilizing (See this article). “ We are all Haitians. Our heart is over there, and we are going to help you”, summarizes a certain Pat on the group “Come to Haiti’s Aid”, created on Facebook just a few hours after the announcement of the catastrophe.

If you follow this link, you will find the Google News articles related to this earthquake. Three million people could be affected! (See the France Television videos)

So, together let’s help Haiti. Let’s show our affection and our compassion, especially as Christians.

How can we help?

  1. By praying for those who suffer, for their families, for their rescue, … Let’s lift our voices up to the Lord for Haiti!
  2. By encouraging the Haitians that we know and who are often anxious, for they have no news from their families. And if you don’t know any Haitians, just follow this link. More than 2,000 members of Top Chretien are Haitian. Write something on their page and tell them that you are with them and their families. The day that they can reconnect, they will be happy to learn that the family of God was mobilized for them.
  3. By giving a gift. Our TopHumanitarian Partner, SEL (Support and Liaison Service), is mobilized to help Haiti and has just opened an emergency fund. Six hundred children are already sponsored in Haiti through SEL. You can gift your gift directly to SEL or through Top Chretien’s secure gift solutions. One hundred percent of the gifts received will be transferred, and Top Chretien will pay for all fees incurred for this operation. The Top is already committed to a project called “A Heart for Haiti”. Thank you to the Board of Directors of our organization “TopMission” for its response and generosity.

Would you consider this call for help in prayer?

Leave your comments on this blog to tell us what you think or to send a prayer.