***A Retreat like “Open-Heart” Surgery***

I would like to thank Laurie Doden, Dave Patty and Mel Ellenwood for giving me the opportunity to have a spiritual retreat in the Czech Republic. It was a little like “open heart” surgery and I would like to tell you how it came about and what happened.
For about two years, God has been working in my life in order that I draw near to him so that I become more spiritual and closer to him.
Everything began with a couple’s retreat with Eric and Rachel Dufour and then followed with different times set aside to seek God and listen to him.
For example, recently, I got away from the Internet (without emails…) to peace and quiet for a time of fasting and prayer. Then, I had this opportunity to go to the Czech Republic and there, God did a deep work in my life.
He revealed himself as my father and he showed me that at every stage of my life, he had been present, even when I did not see him.
My perspective of the Christian life and of service for God changed and I know that I will never be the same! I realized the importance of taking time alone with God and of developing a relationship of love with him and real two-way communication.
Today, I would like for others to experience the benefit of spiritual retreats and in particular, the missionaries of the Top.
Thank you so much for your prayers. Leading a ministry like Top Chrétien – Jesus.net can easily absorb us and even submerge us, but nothing, absolutely nothing, can replace the presence and the love of God. He is my father (and yours) and I am so proud of him. Thank you, Daddy!

Eric Célérier

*** Imagine! ***

Oh no, that’s not a photo of my boat. But, when I saw the name -IMAGINE- on this nice speedboat during a stay in Corsica, I couldn’t keep myself from taking a picture for you. :-)

IMAGINE is also the beginning of the statement which sums up the dream of Jesus.net (a network of international partners whose goal is evangelism through the Internet). Here it is: “Imagine a world with every single person having free access to the Gospel, knowing God, growing in Jesus, and sharing faith easily…” This is what we want to do through this tremendous network, Jesus.net. Share the Gospel with everyone and everywhere.

IMAGINE is also a vision for the future. I want to imagine, by faith, everything that God is going to do. I already imagine Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world, reached by the Gospel. Did you know that in Jakarta alone (capital of Indonesia) there are 17 million Facebook users? Would you join me in prayer for this country?

IMAGINE is just a simple word allowing us to dream and to see what God can do through ordinary people like you and me. When I started Top Chrétien in 1999, I think I was far from imagining all that it has become today. Would I have imagined such developments? Such encouragement? Such an impact in the lives of Internet users of whom you are perhaps a part? Here are some testimonies to illustrate my point.

“My brother decided to return to church after many messages received via PassLeMot. Thank you Lord.”

“A cousin who isn’t a Christian thanks me because PassLeMot does him a lot of good and reminds him not to forget God.”

“I was an atheist and my life changed on this website. It’s too immense, and there is no word on earth to describe it.”

“Thanks to the Top I have the feeling of really being part of a big family.”

“I knew a young Christian through your website, oh so helpful. He gave me a Bible in Arabic and he put me on the way of the Lord Jesus. Since then, I never cease to grow in faith and obedience (despite difficult conditions) because I was born and live in Algeria.”

“Thanks to your messages, my life changes from day to day.”

“Top Chrétien is a revolutionary tool that allows us to receive and share.”

So keep moving forward and IMAGINE what God will do. ”The sky’s the limit” as the saying goes. And I think that’s what God wants for the Top and for each one of us …

Thank you for being a part of this dream of God. I imagine you like Aaron and Hur holding up Moses’ arms on the mountain while Joshua and the people of God were fighting in the valley. Thank you for holding up our two arms, our vision and our passion, while our team is in the battle.

Together, IMAGINE what God will do with us in 2012! And let him use us as he sees fit. What do you think? Do you have stories to share?

Together for changed lives,


*** An Incredible Team ***



The team is incredible. They are all passionate. For example, Muriel handles very seriously our donor relationships. She prays with them and for them. We thank Muriel for her devoted service and her empathy for each person she contacts. Muriel now has a new assistant, Iris, who came to replace Sylvie whose contract ended. Sylvie did a great job and our prayers and best wishes are with her.

Stef and Christine, two pillars of the Top Chrétien team. are a blessing for many.

Stef and Christine


1. Transformed Lives
Our websites for India and China were relaunched thanks to a donation. This allowed us to buy advertizing in Google and to increase the visitor rate. A large number of people accept Jesus every day ever since the relaunch. Pray for them!

2. The Team
We still need team members called by God to serve with their talents as missionaries at the Top.

3. Eric & Muriel
Some traveling is foreseen. May the Holy Spirit direct us in managing our schedule.

4. Creativity
May the Lord help the team to discern between good ideas and those that come from our Creator.

5. The Finances
May divine provision be accorded to us in abundance so that more souls are put in contact with the Gospel. May we be able to finance the “couples” and the “singles” courses, expected to be filmed soon.

Your prayers are essential!

Thank you,

Eric Célérier

*** Things are Happening! ***


Things are happening in Israel! Jews for Jesus, an international evangelistic organization, is ready to become our partner for the Hebrew website.

Things are also happening in Indonesia. We are testing an original evangelism approach in French via Facebook. Did you know that in Jakarta alone (capital of Indonesia) there are 17 million Facebook users? We are now in contact with an organization in the country for our first steps. Let’s pray…

Curious to see our Facebook version of ConnaitreDieu? Click on this link: http://tinyurl.com/connaitredieu Great, isn’t it? I like it!

Our “video learning platform” is ready. TopFormations is already running on it and soon we are going to use it to offer training specifically for people new to the faith like “12 Days to Discover the Bible” or “40 Days with Jesus”.

Take heart, friends. The journey will be long, but our cause is wonderful.

All the Best for Jesus,

Eric Célérier
Founder, TopChrétien and ConnaitreDieu.com

*** An Open Letter to My Friends ***


Our ministry developments are impressive. They are occurring nationally with Top Chrétien and internationally with Jesus.net. Opportunities present themselves one after the other, and the list of projects is getting longer and longer. As our Anglo-Saxon friends say “Every one of them is very exciting.”

Recently the president of a big international ministry told us: “I want this project for 5 million churches…” All of this seems very good but one question keeps growing in me: “What does God want? What should we accept, refuse, put off until later?” I have an evangelist’s heart. I would like everyone to know Jesus but I cannot save the world. It’s Jesus who is the Savior!

I am also feeling the pressure on our small team. Lots of work but few workers. I do not want them to “burn out.” They are very precious, especially my wife.

So what should we do? I know the spiritual response: “Pray, ask God, let the Holy Spirit lead you,…” That’s true, but it’s not that simple! God also speaks through opportunities, divine connections, circumstances,… What I understand is that God expects me to become more and more of a “true” spiritual leader, that is someone who listens to him and obeys him. God says: “My thoughts are not your thoughts!”

It’s a challenge for me. The future of a family, a team, and a ministry depends upon this listening and divine direction. Would you like to accompany me with your prayers? I never want to stop learning, growing and, when necessary, changing.

Thank you for your friendship and your advice which are so precious to me.

Eric Célérier

*** One Vision … ***

In this photo I was 22 years old. The man in front is Billy Graham. My wife “happened to see” this photo while she was visiting the Billy Graham Headquarters in the USA. What an incredible memory to have seen thousands of people come to Jesus during the 1986 campaign at Bercy!

It was there that this vision and this passion for the salvation of souls were birthed in my heart. On the platform, behind this great evangelist, I prayed: “Lord, use my life. I would like to be an evangelist like him.”

Just one year prior to the campaign, I had been offered the opportunity to study at a technology university in my hometown, a job,  my driver’s license… but God had told me: “This isn’t my will.” With a heavy heart, I obeyed him.

Fortunately… If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have had that tremendous experience in 1986 and today, Top Chrétien and KnowingGod would probably not exist. Neither would I have met the most marvelous spouse  of whom a man can dream.

Thank you, Lord, for insisting that I take the narrow way. Twenty-five years later, I do not regret this choice, and I am so blessed to see the vision realized. Never would I have imagined that one day our team would help the Billy Graham Association announce the Gospel… in the USA! It’s happening today. Thousands of lives are reached every day. And we are delighted to give back what they did for us.

Thank you for your involvement in Top Chrétien’s vision. Each one of us has a part in this extraordinary plan of God.

“Whatever he tells you, do it” said Mary, the day of the marriage in Cana. Could you ask Jesus what he expects from you concerning Top Chrétien? Do just what he tells you to do :-)

Together for changed lives,


PS: I am currently en route to the United States with two Top Chrétien teammates, Michael Foucault and Marc Ariberti. In fact, we are going to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) as part of our partnership with Top Chrétien. I will once again meet with Franklin Graham (President of BGEA). Can you pray that God blesses this trip and that His grace be upon all of our appointments?

*** Goodbye TopInfo! ***

TopInfo is changing. A dozen years ago Pastor Didier Biava initiated this service. In 12 years, the Internet has evolved and the time has come to present  you with an updated service. The purpose of TopInfo is to offer a review of French and world press with a Christian perspective on current events. This will continue, but you will discover that the form is greatly enhanced.

Imagine a Christian magazine, but online …  like Google News but with a much more developed presentation. And always, of course, a “by hand” selection of items that seem relevant to the Christian community. In this context, TopInfo is now managed by two journalists: Paul Ohlott, whom you know well, and Muteba Dei, a Top volunteer. TopInfo has been provided with a very modern system called Scoop.it which offers “curation” of information. Curation is a technique used to select, filter, organize, share and provide links manually on selected content. (See a good article on this subject).

Just go on TopChretien.info (remember the address) and see the new TopInfo. Click “Follow” to be notified of new articles selected for you every day. The menu is in English for now but that will change soon. Click ‘Tags’ to view the articles by theme. You can help with the launch by clicking “Share” to share the website with friends.

We are confident that this new TopInfo version will further meet your expectations. You will browse News updated daily that you could not have seen before, and thus be able to better understand what is happening in our world. TopInfo is going to focus on persecuted Christians, new music, and all the news that encourages Christians to watch and pray. In addition, by becoming a website in its own right outside of the Top Chrétien web portal, TopInfo will have more freedom to propose articles that do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Top Chrétien. From time to time, it has been difficult for some to understand why TopInfo proposed one or more news article. Things will be clearer, and will generate less controversy, we hope.

Ready to experiment? Visit TopChretien.info and discover the site, browse the articles, … Then leave us your comments, ideas, suggestions in this blog … We will be happy to read them and continue to improve our service to you with even more excellence.

Together for changed lives,

Eric Celerier and the TopChrétien Team

*** MonEglise.net is evolving ***

It is with joy that I announce the launch of the new version of MonEglise.net.  Accessible to all, this website is one of the major tools developed by Top Chretien’s team to proclaim the Gospel on the Internet. The goal is to bring the church to  Internet users so they say, “if that’s the church, I want MY church!”

The novelty is that live services will be available on mobile phones and tablets. The team is determined to develop means that meet the needs of Internet users today.

To fit the mobile format, the length of programs has changed: they will last fourteen minutes instead of forty-five. Now you can watch the message directly while on public transportation or on a break (thanks to the video podcasts)! This new version has brought about other changes available as of Sunday, June 5 at 8 h 00 (France time). Be curious!

We know the impact that MonEglise.net has on people’s lives and hearts. Many stories, some more amazing than others, encourage us each day. Here’s an example:

Testimony of an Internet user on MonEglise.net:

“Hello, I want to share my testimony with you. For over a year I suffered terrible back pain; it was so painful that I could not remain standing longer than five minutes. Last night, I happened upon one of the sermons on MonEglise.net “How to get out of failure, ” and at the end of the girl’s testimony, I prayed with faith. I assure you that God has completely healed me, and now I no longer have back pain. Glory to God and thank you for your work … May God bless you.”

I invite you to encourage people around you who have no church or who no longer have one to visit the website. The lives of so many Internet users have been changed; it is also possible for your family, your friends, your colleagues! We know that God works through the Internet, and we want him to act on your behalf, too.

I want to sincerely thank the Top donors, without whom projects like this one would not be possible. MonEglise.net studios were installed directly on the premises that we recently acquired through donations. Let all the glory be to God who continues to inspire us and allows us to implement all these projects. I sincerely believe he blesses a hundredfold our generous donors, especially by changed lives, and that makes me happy!

I speak for the whole team by saying that you are on our hearts, and we have high hopes for the impact of this new version of MonEglise.net.

Together for changed lives,

Eric Célérier

PS: What do you think of this new project? I look forward to your feedback!

*** Parlez-vous anglais? ***

No, this is not a language test. It’s an opportunity for me to announce with great joy the launch of a new family website designed by Top Chrétien/Jesus.net in partnership with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).

The name of this website is PeaceWithGod.net.

It’s actually an adapted KnowingGod.net website. It is designed around John 3:16 and every section of the website is part of this verse. Section one is “God so loved the world”, telling of God’s love through a new version of the Father’s love letter with the voices of Billy and Franklin Graham. This is a must see video. I like it a lot. Watch it here, in world preview below! I’m already thinking of the millions of people who will be reached by this video. Wow this is great! Good job Duane Gaylord and all the BGEA team! Of course, all the glory to God because all this exists for Him!

These are the following sections: “that he gave his only son” (a nice animation on the cross), “so that whoever believes in him” (some great testimonies of changed lives), “not perish” (an excellent message by Billy Graham on the importance of being saved), “but have eternal life” (a beautiful call to salvation and the decision by Franklin Graham).

The website has been launched after months of intense work and lots of traveling. I could not wait to see it online so that people searching for God can find Him!

Remember us in your prayers. May the Lord inspire us, make us inspiring and renew our strength! We really need him! Leave me a word of encouragement or prayer if you wish. We would really appreciate it.

God bless America and God bless you, my friends!

Together for changed lives,


PS: You can also read two of my blogs on the subject and have more information: “Sur la Route” and “Billy Graham’s Son“.

This video was made ​​especially for the website PeaceWithGod. Do you like it?

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*** We are all Ivorians! ***

You may remember the words of John F. Kennedy “I am a Berliner”. He pronounced them in June 1963, during an official visit to West Berlin.

He wanted to demonstrate both his support for a population divided by a horrible wall and his disapproval of this shameful situation.

I want to say to Ivorians, and particularly to my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, that I love them, I pray for them and today I feel Ivorian. We are all Ivorians!

Today I want to express my support to the Abidjan residents, my love to the Ivorian people, and also share this sense of shame I feel about certain French military interventions. Let’s not forget that France is the former colonial power and, therefore, probably in the worst position to interfere in the internal affairs of the Ivory Coast.

Faced with such desolation and this tearing apart of the country into two camps, I can only imagine the feeling that reigns in the hearts of the Ivorians … Incomprehension, anger, hatred, rejection, fear of all kinds, etc..

I have no other response to this crisis than to say that I sympathize with all my heart and I pray for the Ivorians. I support my friends in the Ivory Coast and I salute their courage in these difficult times! Stand firm! “I lift my eyes to the mountains … from where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalms 121.1.

Dear Ivorian brothers and sisters, I love you and the Top does, too!

Eric Célérier

Our Ivorian sister, Constance, sings: “I look up …”

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