*** A Dream becomes Reality! ***

Eric and Paul Goulet in Paris

“If God put a dream in your heart, write it down, keep it like a treasure … persevere oh oh persevere …” Olivier Cheuwa’s song tells us. For me, this song was an encouragement to persevere. I even made it my cell phone ring to remind me to never give up.

In 2009, Muriel and I were on a trip to Israel with our friends from Las Vegas, Paul and Denise Goulet. We were helping them discover this country that we love so much.

We were in Jerusalem in the hotel swimming pool, and there we began to dream together about Biblical training online for Christians and new believers. We even imagined a series of courses, lasting long enough to  produce a real change in lives!

We were so enthusiastic that we literally stayed in the pool for hours and we came out with very wrinkled skin. It was a little like as if we had just invented the iPad for Biblical training! A new tool that would make way for the transformation of thousands of people’s lives through the Holy Spirit’s action.

Then, we saw God begin to open doors. He put outstanding teachers in our path. John Maxwell gave his permission for  “leadership” training in French, which was filmed last month in Las Vegas.

Our team developed the application after months of research and improvements. It is called TopFormations, and it is actually being tested with the course called “40 Days to Revolutionize Your Finances”. I think a revolution is beginning!

Eric Célérier

*** Imagine! ***

Oh no, that’s not a photo of my boat. But, when I saw the name -IMAGINE- on this nice speedboat during a stay in Corsica, I couldn’t keep myself from taking a picture for you. :-)

IMAGINE is also the beginning of the statement which sums up the dream of Jesus.net (a network of international partners whose goal is evangelism through the Internet). Here it is: “Imagine a world with every single person having free access to the Gospel, knowing God, growing in Jesus, and sharing faith easily…” This is what we want to do through this tremendous network, Jesus.net. Share the Gospel with everyone and everywhere.

IMAGINE is also a vision for the future. I want to imagine, by faith, everything that God is going to do. I already imagine Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world, reached by the Gospel. Did you know that in Jakarta alone (capital of Indonesia) there are 17 million Facebook users? Would you join me in prayer for this country?

IMAGINE is just a simple word allowing us to dream and to see what God can do through ordinary people like you and me. When I started Top Chrétien in 1999, I think I was far from imagining all that it has become today. Would I have imagined such developments? Such encouragement? Such an impact in the lives of Internet users of whom you are perhaps a part? Here are some testimonies to illustrate my point.

“My brother decided to return to church after many messages received via PassLeMot. Thank you Lord.”

“A cousin who isn’t a Christian thanks me because PassLeMot does him a lot of good and reminds him not to forget God.”

“I was an atheist and my life changed on this website. It’s too immense, and there is no word on earth to describe it.”

“Thanks to the Top I have the feeling of really being part of a big family.”

“I knew a young Christian through your website, oh so helpful. He gave me a Bible in Arabic and he put me on the way of the Lord Jesus. Since then, I never cease to grow in faith and obedience (despite difficult conditions) because I was born and live in Algeria.”

“Thanks to your messages, my life changes from day to day.”

“Top Chrétien is a revolutionary tool that allows us to receive and share.”

So keep moving forward and IMAGINE what God will do. ”The sky’s the limit” as the saying goes. And I think that’s what God wants for the Top and for each one of us …

Thank you for being a part of this dream of God. I imagine you like Aaron and Hur holding up Moses’ arms on the mountain while Joshua and the people of God were fighting in the valley. Thank you for holding up our two arms, our vision and our passion, while our team is in the battle.

Together, IMAGINE what God will do with us in 2012! And let him use us as he sees fit. What do you think? Do you have stories to share?

Together for changed lives,


*** Hope for the Japanese! ***

March 11, 2011 will remain an infamous date for Japan. That day, the country was hit by a powerful earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale, causing a devastating tsunami. The human and material losses were heavy! The events that followed would confirm it!

Perhaps, right now, Japan is no longer in the headlines, but the painful Japanese reality has not changed. Beyond the material losses and the nuclear consequences that no one can ignore, what about the moral injury the Japanese suffered? How can they grieve and believe that this will not happen again? Japan is one of the countries in the world the most vulnerable to earthquakes. The country has one fifth of the world’s earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater. In this context, where does one find peace? How does one heal and forget the past? How does one plan for the future with hope for a better tomorrow?

In our view, the answer lies in the one the Bible calls the Rock of Ages, Jesus Christ! We believe he is the only one who can make all things new! For several years, it has been the desire of our heart to reach the Japanese through the Internet, and ever since the tsunami, we have felt an urgency in our hearts. Action is needed now, not in 10 or 15 years! It is today, at the heart of their suffering, distress, deprivation, and trauma of all kinds that the Japanese need to hear this message of hope of the Gospel!

And God, who knows our hearts, permitted the opening of a “Jesus.net” office in Yokohama, Japan, just a few days ago. Our local partner, Andy Game, had already begun to mobilize people in prayer and action for Japan at the time that the tragic events struck Japan. There is already a movement in place, and here is the website: http://www.crashjapan.com/

Today, after months of prayer and effort, Andy has an official office on site. These premises were leased through the generosity of  the former owners, committed Christians, who rented their property at a reasonable price. These people have exercised their generosity, as many of you have done for us to be current owners of the Top Chrétien property.

For years, these premises were used for prayer for the city but also for the nations. And this action will be able to continue. Indeed, in these offices several meetings will be held, each one as rich as the other: pastoral meetings, e-coach training for the spiritual follow-up of Internet users who are searching, and non-stop prayer meetings twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

As of September, our partners in Japan will launch an exciting new project called “Hope for Life” in collaboration with several ministries. In April 2011, just one month after the disaster, partners from the Netherlands and Switzerland went to Japan to design the strategy and the websites for Japan. The KnowingGod website, 5 landing pages, and a WhyJesus website in Japanese are also being prepared and will be launched in the coming months. In addition, 10 video testimonies are being made to show God in the lives of the Japanese people. What grace to know that soon we will see displayed on the Google Earth map, real-time decisions of spiritually-seeking Japanese!

Our desire is that these offices serve to build the unity of Christ’s body, to create a passion for prayer, and also to find new ways to reach people searching on the Internet. It is a small stone in the edifice that God is building in Japan, but we pray that it triggers a spiritual tsunami. Below are some pictures of the offices purchased:

I think the most important need for the Japanese is that they know the only true God and His son, Jesus Christ! May these new Jesus.net offices in Japan be visited by the presence of God and may millions of Japanese hear the Gospel on the Internet and through new technologies!

Also, pray that lives are changed, support our partners in Japan in prayer or financially if God puts it on your heart. To do this, please contact us here and mention “Japan” in the notes so that your donation is specifically earmarked for this project!

Together for Changed Lives,

Eric Célérier and the Top Chrétien Team

*** Goodbye TopInfo! ***

TopInfo is changing. A dozen years ago Pastor Didier Biava initiated this service. In 12 years, the Internet has evolved and the time has come to present  you with an updated service. The purpose of TopInfo is to offer a review of French and world press with a Christian perspective on current events. This will continue, but you will discover that the form is greatly enhanced.

Imagine a Christian magazine, but online …  like Google News but with a much more developed presentation. And always, of course, a “by hand” selection of items that seem relevant to the Christian community. In this context, TopInfo is now managed by two journalists: Paul Ohlott, whom you know well, and Muteba Dei, a Top volunteer. TopInfo has been provided with a very modern system called Scoop.it which offers “curation” of information. Curation is a technique used to select, filter, organize, share and provide links manually on selected content. (See a good article on this subject).

Just go on TopChretien.info (remember the address) and see the new TopInfo. Click “Follow” to be notified of new articles selected for you every day. The menu is in English for now but that will change soon. Click ‘Tags’ to view the articles by theme. You can help with the launch by clicking “Share” to share the website with friends.

We are confident that this new TopInfo version will further meet your expectations. You will browse News updated daily that you could not have seen before, and thus be able to better understand what is happening in our world. TopInfo is going to focus on persecuted Christians, new music, and all the news that encourages Christians to watch and pray. In addition, by becoming a website in its own right outside of the Top Chrétien web portal, TopInfo will have more freedom to propose articles that do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Top Chrétien. From time to time, it has been difficult for some to understand why TopInfo proposed one or more news article. Things will be clearer, and will generate less controversy, we hope.

Ready to experiment? Visit TopChretien.info and discover the site, browse the articles, … Then leave us your comments, ideas, suggestions in this blog … We will be happy to read them and continue to improve our service to you with even more excellence.

Together for changed lives,

Eric Celerier and the TopChrétien Team

*** Are You Creative? ***

Last week, a friend of mine sent me a video of a group that used iPads as musical instruments for Christmas songs! He said: “Eric, look at what was filmed in my church!”

As I like everything related to new technologies, I watched it. I liked it so much that I am sharing this innovation with you (see video below). Above all, do not miss the end …

I am often amazed by God’s creativity – the mountains, the ocean, plants, animals, etc.. Isn’t he called the creator? The Bible emphasizes that “since the creation of the world, his invisible attributes – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen because they are understood through what has been made. (Romans 1:20)”

God’s creation is so varied and wonderful. Besides, if you read the last book of the Bible, you will discover an extraordinary sky that goes beyond all understanding. What creativity!

Yes, God is a creator, and he invites us to be like him because we were created in His image. Even though the Lord is so creative, we often try to fit our worship, our praise, our songs, etc. into a well-organized context that does not leave much room for innovation.

In this video, these Christians have exercised their creativity to play and sing Christmas Carols otherwise. And I think, in this way, they are beginning to reach a new technologically-trendy generation. Good job!

Does your church creatively proclaim the Gospel? And you, are you creative when sharing the Good News? Why not tell us about your experience in this Top Blog?

I look forward to reading your comments. On behalf of the Top Chrétien team, from my heart, I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Feliz Navidad ! Merry Christmas !

Your friend,