I am a French Pastor and the founder of several Christian websites:

- TopChretien.com, a French language portal for Christians. This website receives more than 1 million visits every month.

- LookingforGod.com, our evangelistic website exists in 14 languages

- GodRev.com, an English language portal for Christians.

All these websites are part of the Jesus.net network. In other words, all these websites are the tools, and Jesus.net is the brand.

Visit Jesus.net and also the Jesus.net Fan page on facebook.

More about me:

I live near Paris, France. I’m 45 years old, married to Muriel, and the father of 3 children. I was the pastor of a local church for 12 years; I’m now leading a full-time team of Internet evangelists. I love Jesus, and I want to make him known. My statement of faith is the Billy Graham one.