***A Retreat like “Open-Heart” Surgery***

I would like to thank Laurie Doden, Dave Patty and Mel Ellenwood for giving me the opportunity to have a spiritual retreat in the Czech Republic. It was a little like “open heart” surgery and I would like to tell you how it came about and what happened.
For about two years, God has been working in my life in order that I draw near to him so that I become more spiritual and closer to him.
Everything began with a couple’s retreat with Eric and Rachel Dufour and then followed with different times set aside to seek God and listen to him.
For example, recently, I got away from the Internet (without emails…) to peace and quiet for a time of fasting and prayer. Then, I had this opportunity to go to the Czech Republic and there, God did a deep work in my life.
He revealed himself as my father and he showed me that at every stage of my life, he had been present, even when I did not see him.
My perspective of the Christian life and of service for God changed and I know that I will never be the same! I realized the importance of taking time alone with God and of developing a relationship of love with him and real two-way communication.
Today, I would like for others to experience the benefit of spiritual retreats and in particular, the missionaries of the Top.
Thank you so much for your prayers. Leading a ministry like Top Chrétien – Jesus.net can easily absorb us and even submerge us, but nothing, absolutely nothing, can replace the presence and the love of God. He is my father (and yours) and I am so proud of him. Thank you, Daddy!

Eric Célérier

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