*** Goodbye TopInfo! ***

TopInfo is changing. A dozen years ago Pastor Didier Biava initiated this service. In 12 years, the Internet has evolved and the time has come to present  you with an updated service. The purpose of TopInfo is to offer a review of French and world press with a Christian perspective on current events. This will continue, but you will discover that the form is greatly enhanced.

Imagine a Christian magazine, but online …  like Google News but with a much more developed presentation. And always, of course, a “by hand” selection of items that seem relevant to the Christian community. In this context, TopInfo is now managed by two journalists: Paul Ohlott, whom you know well, and Muteba Dei, a Top volunteer. TopInfo has been provided with a very modern system called Scoop.it which offers “curation” of information. Curation is a technique used to select, filter, organize, share and provide links manually on selected content. (See a good article on this subject).

Just go on TopChretien.info (remember the address) and see the new TopInfo. Click “Follow” to be notified of new articles selected for you every day. The menu is in English for now but that will change soon. Click ‘Tags’ to view the articles by theme. You can help with the launch by clicking “Share” to share the website with friends.

We are confident that this new TopInfo version will further meet your expectations. You will browse News updated daily that you could not have seen before, and thus be able to better understand what is happening in our world. TopInfo is going to focus on persecuted Christians, new music, and all the news that encourages Christians to watch and pray. In addition, by becoming a website in its own right outside of the Top Chrétien web portal, TopInfo will have more freedom to propose articles that do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Top Chrétien. From time to time, it has been difficult for some to understand why TopInfo proposed one or more news article. Things will be clearer, and will generate less controversy, we hope.

Ready to experiment? Visit TopChretien.info and discover the site, browse the articles, … Then leave us your comments, ideas, suggestions in this blog … We will be happy to read them and continue to improve our service to you with even more excellence.

Together for changed lives,

Eric Celerier and the TopChrétien Team

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