*** What if We Saw a Movie? ***

Have you ever been tired and done things more by duty than pleasure?

I have! And that’s just what I did a few weeks ago.

I was invited to speak on the theme of communication to the coordinators of the Alpha course (a magnificent project of evangelization around a meal). They had come from all over France. It was snowing hard in the Paris region, and I could have made a good excuse to stay warm and rest. But “I felt” I had to make an effort to go, and I really do not regret the trip!

The person speaking before me began to share his testimony of conversion. He told us very simply how God had directed his path to reveal himself to him. His name is Thierry Bizot. His business, a TV producer in France. The company he founded with Emmanuel Chain (former host of Capital) produces several programs, to mention a few, “Seven to Eight” (TF1) and “Direct Drive” (France 2)!

It was so gratifying to see this man share his spiritual journey with conviction. He recounted his encounter with Jesus like falling in love with someone. He is now passionate about Jesus! He also explained how, in his surroundings, sharing his faith is so new to the people around him. Many of his colleagues began to question him about Jesus, faith, searching for meaning in their lives. Learn more about Thierry Bizot.

So, Thierry and his wife Anne Giafferi thought about making a film of his story and, thus was born the vision for the film “Who wants to be loved?” (see this TopInfo article )

The film opened on Wednesday in a hundred movie theaters in France. I had the opportunity to see it and I really loved it! I enjoyed the story, images, treatment of parent/child relationships, brother/sister, husband/wife and,  of course, with God through the spiritual journey of the protagonist.

It is a human interest film about a man who becomes vulnerable, acknowledging his need for God and his need of others. I like this side of vulnerability that we miss very often, me included. It spoke to me and touched me. And I think it will also affect those who are seeking spiritually or who have questions about faith.

So why not see a movie this weekend? The larger the number of ticket sales this week, the longer the movie will be advertized and the greater the number of people will hear about faith at the movies! (find a theater that is broadcasting the film) If you’re in France do not miss this opportunity! Do as I did, make an effort to go out and see the movie. You will not regret it ;-)

Take this opportunity to invite your friends and family, and share with them about what God is doing in your lives!

Together for changed lives,

Éric Célérier


  1. Alan Swope says:

    Is there anyway to see this on line someway? I heard about it through the Christian Community Foundation of France website? It sounds very good. I have ancestry on my mom’s dad’s side from Alsace-Loraine.

    • Eric Célérier says:

      Hello Alan,
      We will find out if and when the film will be available on line. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have some information for you.

      Suzanne for Eric

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