*** The Top Offices are Ours! ***

This Monday, December 27, 2010, our dream became reality, all glory be to God!

The Top Chrétien offices have been purchased and we are now the owners. Isn’t this a beautiful Christmas present for each one of us?

What joy for the team to enter this space for which we have prayed for many years! Just after the signing, we gathered together to thank the Lord!

We can now expand our workspace and receive new teammates.  As a matter of fact, in just a few days a new webmaster will join us and we look forward to better serve you. We plan to produce a new Top Chrétien version that will be more mobile and more ergonomic.

Campaign donations for the purchase of the offices have amounted to half of the total. The other half has been financed by a bank. We will now begin the remodeling work, and we are looking for ways to finance it. If you have it at heart to help us, why not make a designated donation? Already dozens of Christians have pledged to support Top Chretien monthly to help repay the loan. Would you like to join in? (See below)

Once again, thank you for your interest in the work of Top Chrétien. This project has shown us that together we can accomplish great things and significantly advance God’s work in the French-speaking world.

Together for changed lives,

Your friend Eric

To donate, please contact:
David Broussard
Phone: 678-205-6859
FAX: 866-516-9404

Mailing Address:
Christian Community Foundation of France
829 Stansbury Drive
Marietta, GA 30066

The Christian Community Foundation of France is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) organization, EIN #20-3098434.

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