*** God on France 2 ***

Saturday, April 3rd, the magazine edition of France 2 television devoted more than  twenty minutes to broadcast a report on evangelicals entitled “For the Love of God”. To explain and illustrate who evangelicals are and what they do, France 2 journalists went to meet several Christians and the pastor of the Open Door Christian Church of Mulhouse (POC). One can sense that the questions were asked without any bias, and the end result is a report told with great honesty. Besides, the reporter begins by saying: “At first, we thought it would be a worship service with the appearances of a pastor on a giant screen… and then, we felt an emotion… for them it’s Jesus… certain persons even say they have been touched… we wanted to understand…”

This makes me even happier that every Sunday morning, for several years on Top Chretien, hundreds of Internet users have been able to watch the POC worship service live. Here’s more information on the next live broadcast.

If you would like to view for the first time or view again the France 2 report, it’s possible. Click on this link.

Here are several ways that you can follow up on this report:

1. Share the report with someone who doesn’t know the Gospel. Pastor Samuel Peterschmitt announces the Good News of Jesus Christ several times, particularly with this excellent illustration: “the staircase that leads to heaven, it’s Jesus Christ”. Here is a simplified link we created for you to send out that redirects to the report: http://a.gd/poc

2. Write to France 2′s editorial staff and tell them what you think about the report. Write to France 2. We, French, are used to complaining, grumbling… so then, let’s show that we can also congratulate, encourage, say something kind. Pay careful attention to your reaction and especially your spelling. Do as I do, if you can, have someone else read your commentary before you send it :-) There is also a forum where you can react on France 2′s website.

3. Leave a comment here on the TopBlog. Maybe an encouragement for the Christians and the pastors of the Open Door Christian Church? Or maybe a thought concerning the media and evangelicals? Tell us as well if you have shared this report with non-believers and if you have written to France 2′s editorial staff.

P.S. If you would like to know more about the POC and the pastor, you can read this interview presented on Top Chretien just three years ago.


  1. J says:

    Praise the Lord, and may His will be done as He pours His love out on France!

    The report was excellent, and I forwarded on to several of my French friends (I am American), Christians and non-Christians alike. I also wrote to France2, thanking them for such a report.

    Thank you, also, for encouraging a Christian response to God’s work in France. May His Church be beautiful, to better reflect His glory!

  2. Carlos says:

    Praise the LORD! to know that the Church in France is getting noticed by the media. may the Lord keep blessing the Church and the Believers in France.
    God Bless You All!

  3. we pray for you all and all works.please pray for living word church&ministries india.please send prayer request and your amgazine to us.we appreciate your mighty works.god bless you.
    pastor joseph jayaraj

  4. dear friends from Jesus.net Blog
    please pray for Portugal to receive the gospel more and for churches to work together in these last days to give a true christian testimony to all society.
    God bless !!!

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