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Did you know that the Thought for the Day is the most used service on Top Chretien? This week we went beyond the symbolic mark of 30,000 email subscribers to the Thought for the Day. Now we would really like to have an iPhone application for the Thought for the Day. Besides, we are looking for an applications’ developer who would want to help us. ;-)

Let me tell you about how the Thought for the Day came about. It’s an astonishing story, as it often happens in what God does!

My friend, Pastor Bertrand Colpier, invited me to preach at a Youth Rally in 2000. I had probably misunderstood the date of the Rally, and I arrived at Bertrand’s home two days ahead of schedule, which really didn’t suit him at all… but God had a plan!

At that time (already 10 years ago), very few pastors were using the Internet. Imagine my surprise when I saw Bertrand writing a short pastoral thought by email before going to bed.

-”What are you doing, Bertrand?” I asked him.

-”I am writing a brief thought for the day for the Christians of my church who have Internet.”

-”What a good pastor! And how many are there?”


-”And you wouldn’t like to write it for 700?”

-”700? But how is that possible?”

-Since we have a free day tomorrow, we could propose a new service to the Top Chretien Internet users: Thought for the Day. What do you think?”

-”OK, I’m ready to do it. It’s a great idea. Thank you, Lord!”

The next day, we wrote to all the website portal users. The Top was only one year old. The first day, one hundred Internet users subscribed, and we rapidly attained 700. Thank you, Bertrand, for becoming the first author of the Thought for the Day! In 10 years, thousands of Thoughts have been sent, and hundreds of thousands of encouraged Christians have posted comments on the website portal. Glory to God!

Today, Carolle Wright (pictured in this blog) manages this service and follows up on the Thought for the Day authors. Carolle is a Top Chretien missionary, and you can support her (Click to know more about Carolle).

We have French-speaking authors, for example Samuel Foucart, and English-speaking authors, such as Rick Warren or Joyce Meyer. Carolle prays to know which Thought to put on which day. Her concern is that the Thought for the Day appears at the right moment and best responds to the Internet users’ needs. And God knows them, the needs!

“The right word at the right time is like a custom-made piece of jewelry,” states the Bible in Proverbs 25:11. (The Message)

When we read the comments, we are amazed to see how God speaks and acts through this tool.

The most commented Thoughts for the Day

The most read Thoughts for the Day

And you, have you been blessed by the Thought for the Day? What do you think of this Top Chretien service?

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