*** Give It All You've Got! ***

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Seth Godin. He’s a well-known American writer especially in the fields of marketing and communication. He recently wrote the following blog which caught my attention and you are going to understand why:

This was sort of shocking, at least to me:

I was talking to a religious leader, someone who runs a congregation. She made it clear to me that on many days, it’s just a job. A job like any other, you show up, you go through the motions, you get paid.

I guess we find this disturbing because spiritual work should be real, not faked.

But isn’t your work spiritual?

I know doctors, lawyers, waiters and insurance brokers who are honestly and truly passionate about what they do. They view it as an art form, a calling, and an important (no, an essential) thing worth doing.

In fact, I don’t think there’s a relationship between what you do and how important you think the work is. I think there’s a relationship between who you are and how important you think the work is.

Life’s too short to phone it in.

This blog gets our attention, doesn’t it? I don’t know if Seth Godin is a Christian or not, but he puts the finger on an important point. Why and how we do things…

What he cites obliges me to examine myself. I am a little ashamed of what that religious person said for I, too, am what one would call a “religious leader”. I am one, not by career choice, but because I received a very clear call to serve God. I would never want that calling to be transformed into a job that I should accomplish to earn a living! However, I must likewise admit that certain days are also more difficult than others: fatigue, lassitude, personal battles, temptations, routine…And during days like those, I remember some very good advice that my wife forwarded to me, and that I try to put into practice: the three Es.

Energy: God gives strength to the weary one. Keep moving forward!

Enthusiasm: Do everything with the right attitude, for the Lord and with him!

Empathy: If I am interested in others, I forget my little mistakes. I am not the center of everything!

I hope this advice will be as useful for you as it has been for me.

And you, how do you live your work and your life? With all you’ve got or as an obligation?



  1. Keith says:

    Amen!!! I so agree. I wake up each morning and think “Today, I am one of the privileged few who God allows to spend every hour today thinking of ways to help others find meaning and purpose in life, and eternity in their future!”

    • leya sene says:

      Que le seigneur vous bénis, Cher Pasteur, fr chrsit, Le seigneur Dans Sont Amour, aime tous ses enfants, vous faite un travail, d’arts et sociale, le seigneur à Besoins des gens comme pour vous Oeuvres Sont, je le remarçi, en voiture il fais que de bien, cher frére, ambulatoire Bon JESUS-CHRIST EST LE meillieur, Dieu …Ont NE PEUT LE comparé, avec aucun autre dieux. IEst de l ALPHA ET OMEGA, servir le Seigneur, travaillés pour le seigneur, est impayable, Le Seigneur vous seul béniras Et ce que vous faite votre paye De Gagné est la vie eternel, Royaume-Uni avec le Christ, il N’y a rien de meillieur, Les 3 E, Sont trés important, et je m’en Réjouis, que le seigneur continu, utilusé à vous, Dans Oeuvres SONT, Le Seigneur vous aime, je vous encourage frére, donc cher Dans le seigneur amen? PH, 4.19 .. .

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