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A few months ago we sent out a survey entitled “Together, Let’s improve the Top!” More than 20,000 Internet users responded. We spent time sorting out the responses, the requests, and the very numerous encouraging messages. Have you already tried to read 14,000 encouraging messages? I have, and I am so pleased that Top Chretien is such a blessing. Thank you, my God, for causing this tool to be developed! Of course, there were also the inevitable criticisms, but for the most part, they were constructive.

This feedback, negative or positive, is essential for us. Besides, that’s why the Top Blog exists! It enables us to improve, and to be in contact with you, the Internet users whom we serve. If you would like to study the survey results more closely, click here. You’ll see, they are very interesting.

One of the greatest requests was that we add a section dedicated to music and worship. It’s true. This is missing on the Top Chretien portal. Stephan, the Top Chretien portal manager, and several Top team members went to work on it. So, you should soon see the arrival of Top Music.

Nevertheless, we still need your opinion to make sure that we have truly understood your request. So, what would you like to find in a section dedicated to Christian music? Your opinion is indispensable. Don’t miss the opportunity to give it.

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  1. leya sene says:

    serviteurs de l’eternel.louer?
    louer le nom de l’eternel?
    que le nom de l’éternel soit béni
    Dés maintenant et à toujours?
    DU lever du soleil jusqu’à son couchant
    Que le nom de l’éternel soit loué
    l’éternel est élevé au dessus de toutes les nations.
    sa gloire est au dessus des cieux.
    Qui est semblable é l’éternel notre DIEU?
    Il séléve trés haut pour siéger.AMEN.

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