*** Anti-Internet or "The Little Flock" Syndrome ***

I would like to propose to you the following blog written by Pastor Jean-Claude Guillaume. Jean-Claude, 81 years old, is a brother and friend, who has served the Lord with his wife Rakel for sixty years! Here’s the blog for your consideration…

I scrolled through the Internet users’ enthusiastic reactions to Eric Célérier’s blog “To the Ends of the Earth…“, which appeared February 5, 2010. Our brother recalls the modest beginnings of Top Chretien and its astounding development, with ConnaitreDieu.com in fifteen languages and its marvelous results. To the question that he asks at the end “Do you think that evangelism by internet is worth it?”, it seems evident that the only possible response would be an overwhelming, frank YES, and the Internet users were not mistaken on this point!

Nevertheless, I remarked that many of them alluded to a certain fringe of Anti-Internet, or perhaps we should say AntiTop Chretien diehards. Granted, this isn’t new, provided that the race of those “against all those for and for all those against” is far from being in danger of extinction!

It is interesting to ask ourselves about the deep-rooted causes of such an attitude. Let’s mention rapidly certain low-level reasons, such as frustrations, jealousies, diverse complexes, etc. it’s not worth paying much attention to them.

An idea came to me that certain persons of more noble intentions, could be infected, without their knowing it, by what I call “The Little Flock Syndrome”. Very impressed by the numerical disproportion between the Christian world and the ungodly world, these people seem to find refuge in a certain Scripture verse which, for them, has become the norm:

“Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32

Everything that precedes this verse is an exhortation by Jesus not to worry, even if we are only “a little flock”. However, this expression Jesus uses was never meant to be an apology for smallness, or narrow-mindedness, not to say mediocrity! Even so, this is what certain believed to have understood, and they have developed a kind of spiritual agoraphobia, that is to say a fear of all that is large and that evokes admiration.

From this fear comes, for example, the development of a suspicion towards the largest evangelical church in the world “Yoido Full Gospel Church” in Seoul, South Korea. My wife and I had the privilege to visit this extraordinary church in 1978 when it counted only 64,000 members, and which today numbers more than 800,000. In fact, its founder, David Yonggi Cho, a remarkable man of God, whom I knew very well since I was his interpreter several times, is suspected by certain “little flockists” of using shamanistic practices!

Then, you understand, more than 15 million people who have visited ConnaitreDieu.com and 1.5 million people who have said: “I prayed to receive Jesus Christ into my life!” – it’s shady, it doesn’t work with the idea of “The Little Flock”!

How God wants to make the scales fall from our eyes and make us understand that if he is the God of “The Little Flock”, he is also the God of the universe!

Jean-Claude Guillaume

And you, what do you think?

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  1. mariateresa says:

    Truly, God is so great and so good always to His children!
    His love is so immeasurable!!!

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