*** French-Speaking Churches Mobilizing ***

In 1986, I had the privilege of participating on Billy Graham’s team in France for eleven months. Billy Graham was coming to Bercy and the weeklong campaign had to be organized. It was an incredible event during which thousands of people came to Jesus. I was the youngest team member and my role was to put stamps on letters, lots of letters. I had a room all to myself since the machine was so noisy. Or maybe, was it my nature that was too noisy? LOL. At any rate, I was part of these changed lives, what a privilege!

One thing that truly marked me during this preparation was the mobilizing of the churches. Numerous churches of all denominations united to proclaim the name of Jesus.

Today I rejoice to see French-speaking churches mobilizing around another “e-vangelist”, the widget Jesus.net!

But what is this widget? It is a mini-version of ConnaitreDieu which can be integrated into any website, in particular into a church website. And, if a person goes through the course, prays, and leaves personal information, these are sent to the local church in question.

Take a look at the map below (You can zoom it.).  It shows you the churches that have installed the Jesus.net widget. Isn’t this encouraging? In one and a half months, 120 churches have already adopted it. And these churches are from 20 different denominations! Congratulations to their pastors and also to their webmasters.

Click to see the map: http://topchretien.widget.jesus.net/map.php?&print_domaine_num=15

Some examples of church websites (click on a name to see): Centre Evangélique PhiladelphiaEglise Protestante Baptiste de Joinville-le-Pont Église de Pentecôte de Drummondville Evangélique Eglise évangélique d’Echallens EvangéliqueSource de Vie Eglises en Cévennes Eglise de Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray Eglise évangélique de Réveil de Martigny Antibes Evangélique Assemblee Chretienne de Chaville Eglise Chrétienne Evangélique

Installing the widget is really very simple. If you have a website, don’t miss this opportunity. Here is the link to register. I would love to see many more churches using this free service. And that together, we throw out the net once again!

I invite you to read this testimony received via the widget that touched me a lot:

“My name is Salomon. I am 16 years old and I have been a believer since I was a child, my father being a pastor. In my church, everyone was blessed except me. It was a friend that proposed that I visit Top Chretien. So, I visited the website, but I was desperate for I believed that God would not speak to me. But today, I fell on my knees and I said the prayer at the end of the widget. I did it with all my heart, and when I finished praying, I felt that God had pardoned my sins and it was as if water was running over me. Today, I am certain that God has pardoned me. From this day on, I put all my trust in the all-powerful God and I give him all of my life. I love him with all my heart! From this moment on, I only live for him. Glory to God! Thank you, Top Chretien!”

Tell me what you think about this tool and what you can do to recommend it?


  1. molly says:

    A wonderful testimony from a 16year old. i praise God and pray for many souls to enter into the kingdom of God and to the kingdom of Heaven.amen

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