*** Top Chretien Launches its Top Blog ***

Did you know that Top Chretien blew out its tenth candle this year? Every month, the web portal receives 1.2 million visits! This is very encouraging, but at the same time, we sensed that it had created a distance between you, the Top Internet users, and us, the team.

We want to remedy the situation and do all we can to make it better. The Top Team appreciates each Top Chretien visitor. We love you and we want to do more than just communicate; we want to be in fellowship with you.

Here is an example: it is difficult to write to Top Chretien. Why? To protect ourselves from the numerous emails we receive, we have set a filter in place to avoid always responding to the same questions, very often technical in nature.

So, this blog is made for you.  I will tell you about what we are doing at the Top, introduce by video our team members, the projects, new developments at present, the ideas, the victories, the defeats, prayer requests, … And you can respond: encourage us, give us your comments, suggestions, critiques, ideas, …

Here are some practical steps that you can take right now:

1. Sign up to receive updates. Click on the orange button to the right “Subscribe by email”!
2. If you use Twitter, you can follow me and receive our news in real time!
3. React to this first post. Leave a comment and tell me what you think about it.
4. Forward the posts that you like to your friends. Use the buttons Share or Twitter.

It’s a great privilege to serve you. The entire Top Chretien Team joins me in thanking you for the honor you give us for using this website.

Together for Changed Lives.


  1. Ann Stewart says:

    Yes, it’s Biblical! Well explained, Eric. It doesn’t replace the gathering together, but especially for those who are not able togo/or do not have a home church, it’s wonderful.

    Bless you all,

  2. Rev. M A Wahab says:

    Dear blessed and anointed pastor Eric,
    I am pouring out my love and reverence on to you. It is the living God, Who is interested with the hearts of the people, not the bricks or stones or any materials of the world. Jesus Christ, our Lord and redeemer, died and did pay the full cost to sanctify us, the children of the first couple, Adam and Eve, who were deported to this filthy world from heaven for committing sin against the holy, righteous and compassionate Father in heaven. The sinners must understand the unique Messag, the Gospel for understanding and convincing unto repentance and commitment to the Living Lord for sanctification and enjoy eternal life in Him. You are hundred percent right to herald the Gospel effectually and faithfully. Since 1976 we have been in the vineyard to reach the unreachedby the grace of our Father in heaven. Please keep praying for us and Bangladesh. May God bless and flourish you richly for His glory. Humbly yours in Him. Wahab

  3. molly says:

    Thanks for the invitation. i am just so excited to be a vessel used by God to serve Him in whatever He may use me . so iliked ur msg and thought of dropping here.Thank you. i do not know the site asked in coloums and have only yahoo id

  4. Donte Labs says:

    Twitter drives MOST traffic to my sites

  5. Zack Glanzer says:

    Hello, great post. I just found this blog, but I will definitely visit regularly. Have a good day.

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